• Sipper Cap

    Replaces any 28mm bottle cap. 

  • Activated Charcoal Filter

    Made from coconut shells. Filters up to 105 litres of water.

  • Filter Housing

    Hexagonal pattern. Made from recyclable food-grade plastic.

Filters out plastic and chlorine as you drink.

Filters out plastic and chlorine as you drink.

Designed to remove plastic particles, chlorine, copper and lead out of municipal tap water. 

Screws onto  thousands of bottles.

Screws onto thousands of bottles.

1 x Refil filter can fit on thousands of bottles worldwide and removes impurities from 150 700ml bottles, or 105 litres of water.

Designed for convenience.

Designed for convenience.

Plastic bottles end up in the back of our cars, bags, on our desks and around home which makes a Refil Filter incredibly convenient every where we go.


I heard there is plastic particles in our water, does a Refil Filter remove plastic?

Yes! Our filters are designed at a 5 micron pore size, and the plastic particles found in water are generally between 10-40 micron in size.

Does this encourage people to buy bottled beverages?

Not exactly. It encourages you to keep reusing your plastic bottle rather than re-purchasing.

Bottle of water - $2.00 + Refil Filter $15 = $17.00
Devide into 150 Re-fills = 0.11c for a bottle of filtered water.

Does it remove bugs and other nasties from water that make us sick?

Refil Filters only filter out tastes and odours from municipal tap water caused by chlorine, plastics, copper and lead.
It does not filter out microbiological contaminants that would make you sick. 

When does it run out ?

1 x Refil Filter can filter up to 105 litres of water, which works out to be around 150 700ml standard water bottles.
We recommend changing the filter after two months of use.

Does it fit on to glass bottles?

No. Although there might be some glass bottles out there Refil could screw on to, you need to able to squeeze the bottle to push the water through the filter.